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The Bid: Will the City That Houses Amazon's Second Headquarters Really Benefit?

February 13, 2018 - 4:00pm

With its 142 square miles of largely empty land, and a sweet package of tax incentives, Detroit looked like a shoo-in for setting up Amazon's second headquarters, but it didn't make the cut. A closer look at Amazon's criteria, however, makes one wonder if the deal would have benefited anyone other than CEO Jeff Bezos.Stories like this are more important than ever! To make sure Truthout can keep publishing them, please give a tax-deductible donation today.
Detroit's bid to house Amazon's second headquarters seemed, to some, a shoo-in. With 142 largely empty square miles of land, the city could surely set some of that aside -- sweetening the pot with tax incentives and other perks -- and no one would be the wiser. The bid failed, supposedly because of the city's lousy public transit offerings and unproven ability to retain the talent that the mega-retailer was counting on. But the headquarters, as this month's investigative strip reveals, wouldn't have done much for the city. In fact, the closer we look at Amazon's process for choosing sites for its second headquarters, the more we wonder if it will do anyone any good -- except CEO Jeff Bezos.
This is the second in our investigative comics series on land usage in Detroit. "Digging In," last month, was our first, and you won't want to miss its close-up look at a North Corktown eatery. Next month we'll look at another innovative land-use project in the city -- and the assist it may give national food production (even while it cures your allergies)!

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