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London, France and Dow facing reversal tests?

November 10, 2017 - 1:11am

How Europe and France’s stock markets perform can have a huge influence on stocks in the states. The first two charts below look at the FTSE 100 from London and the CAC 40 from France.

The FTSE Index trend remains up and no single day action will change that. What does get our attention from a Power of the Pattern perspective is that this key index is testing the underside of a 10-year rising channel at (1).
Below looks at the CAC 40 from France-

Just like the FTSE 100, the CAC 40 trend remains up. Another similar chart pattern can be found here, as the index is testing the underside of a multi-year rising channel in the chart above.
Below looks at the Dow over the past 20-years-

The trend in the Dow also remains up! The rally over the past few years has the Dow testing the underside of two long-term channels at (3), as momentum is the highest since the late 1990’s at (4).
The bottom line for all three…Trends remain up for each of these key indices. Each happens to be testing the underside of long-term rising channels at the same time. Bulls in London, France, and the States would prefer that reversal patterns and selling pressure NOT start at the underside of potential resistance at the same time!
Why you see chart pattern analysis with brief commentary:   There is a ton of news and opinions about markets and stocks that make the decision-making process more difficult than it needs to be.   
I believe the Power of the chart Pattern provides all you need to see what is taking place in an asset and determine the action to take. 
This approach has worked well for me and our clients and I encourage you to test it for yourself.
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