The Fed's In A Bind: The Cluelessness Of The Macroeconomic Establishment

Submitted by Alasdair Macleod via,

One can understand the Fed's frustration over the failure of its interest rate policy, and its desire to escape the zero bound.

US Kills ISIS "Finance Minister" In Airstrike

Back in May, the US was elated to report that commandos had killed Islamic State “gas minister” Abu Sayyaf in a raid in Eastern Syria. 

That effort has been cited as evidence of how effective targeted SpecOps raids can be when it comes to taking out senior ISIS commanders. In November, the US claimed to have killed the infamous Jihadi John in a drone strike near Raqqa. 

Gunmakers "Sold"

Flashing red headlines, business media anchors exuberant as gun-maker stocks were suddenly sold after CT Governor Malloy unveiled his executive order and following White House chatter that gun control regulations were being drawn up:


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