President Obama Explains How He Just 'Saved' The World From Its Greatest Threat - Live Feed

"Mission Accomplished?" Amid failure after failure for President Obama's 'legacy' policies, Americans can rest assured that the "historic" signing of today's climate accord will be spun in its most positive, "see, I saved the world from its greatest threat" awesomeness, despite, as we detailed earlier, the utter farce of it all. 


500,000 Reasons Why Millennials Are Having Fewer Babies

In the US, the average age of a first-time mother is now over 26 years old, up from 21.4 years-old in 1970.

Through 2008-2013, the birth rate declined each year, likely the result of the financial crisis and its aftermath. Furthermore, as Goldman's Taposh Bari notes, amid the decline in births since the beginning of the Great Recession, one thing that stands out is that the decline in births has come from the youngest mothers – women under 25 years of age.

The West’s Alliance With Saudi Arabia Fuels Islamism

By Toby Matthiesen is a senior research fellow in the international relations of the Middle East at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. He is the author of "Sectarian Gulf: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Spring That Wasn’t" and "The Other Saudis: Shiism, Dissent and Sectarianism." Originally posted on the NYT.

The West’s Alliance With Saudi Arabia Fuels Islamism

Blocking Democracy as Syria's Solution

The long-cherished neocon dream of "regime change" in Syria is blocking a possible route out of the crisis -- a ceasefire followed by elections in which President Assad could compete. The problem is there's no guarantee that Assad would lose and thus the dream might go unfulfilled, writes Robert Parry.

Ask Santa

Can GOP Establishment dreams come true... after all it's nearly Christmas...





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