Will Putin Stab the Kurds in the Back?

I am giving my support to Putin and in Syria. But if he betrays Rojava as Kronstadt was betrayed, the ghost of Rojava will track him down just as the ghost of Kronstadt tracked down the Soviet giant. Just as the ghosts of all the true freedom fighters ever betrayed by the USA are now tracking down that giant.

Election 2016: Let's Stop Negotiating With Terrorists

When we think of terrorism, we usually envision a suicide bomber or a mass shooter or perhaps someone who hijacks a plane and flies it into a skyscraper. But there's another, even more dangerous, kind of terrorist: The terrorist who exploits such acts for political gain. Last week's attack in San Bernardino is bringing the latter kind of terrorist out of the woodwork.

Conflicted Appellate Court Rules Corporate "Right" to Secrecy Trumps the People's Right to Know

In a more and more commonplace occurrence, a federal appeals court won its suit to keep Americans in the dark about conflict minerals and Congolese peasants bound to the warlords they are forced to serve. The National Association of Manufacturers won the case based their first amendment right to remain silent, despite clear and violent human rights abuses by warlords who are raking in huge profits.

Paris climate negotiations won't stop the planet burning

The much-vaunted COP21 negotiations in Paris are, despite the claims of world leaders, dead on arrival. Emissions reductions targets are not up for discussion. Those pledges are already on the table, having been put forward voluntarily by each country. Government negotiators in Paris are instead looking at banal details of how and when countries should commit to improving their voluntary pledges...


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