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The 10 Longest Range EVs for 2023

The Briefing

  • EV models with over 300 miles (480 km) of range are becoming more common in the United States
  • The Lucid Air (Grand Touring trim) has the highest EPA range at 516 miles (830 km)

The 10 Longest Range EVs for 2023

Range anxiety is frequently cited as one of the biggest turnoffs of electric vehicles (EVs).

Even as recent as 2021, the average range of an EV was just 217 miles (349 km), falling significantly short from the average gas car’s range of 413 miles (665 km). Thankfully, as this infographic shows, EVs with over 300 miles of range are becoming more common.

Below are the top 10 EVs for 2023, ranked by their EPA combined driving range. For further context, we’ve also included price. These values are for the specific trim that achieves the stated range. In some cases, more expensive trims are available but have a lower range (e.g. Tesla Plaid).

Model EPA Combined Driving Range Price*
Lucid Air 516 mi (830 km) $138,000
Tesla Model S 405 mi (652 km) $84,990
Hyundai Ioniq 6 361 mi (581 km) $45,500
Tesla Model 3 358 mi (576 km) $55,990
Mercedes-Benz EQS 350 mi (563 km) $104,400
Tesla Model X 348 mi (560 km) $94,990
Tesla Model Y 330 mi (531 km) $52,990
GMC Hummer EV Pickup 329 mi (529 km) $110,295
Rivian R1T 328 mi (528 km) $74,800
BMW iX 324 mi (521 km) $87,100

*Most recent prices available as of April 2023

Note that the EV market is rapidly evolving, and the data in this table has a limited shelf life. For example, Rivian is releasing a battery option dubbed the “Max pack” which promises up to 400 miles, but is not yet EPA rated.

Where Does This Data Come From?

Source: Car and Driver (range), manufacturer websites (price)

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