Odd Request: Help Wanted – Looking For Comic Book Artist

This is an odd one, I know, but before I started my work in the liberty movement over 16 years ago, I had aspirations to work in visual entertainment media. The woke war on our entertainment industry has destroyed most of our beloved stories and the heroes from our childhood, and I would very much like to add some new stories and characters to provide non-woke entertainment for people that want it (and that’s the vast majority of people).

I figure the most cost effective way to do that is start with comic books. The industry has been completely poisoned by leftist cancer and needs to be resurrected through independent creators. I have a completed story script and will be looking for an artist to partner with. Just thought I would see if there are any artists among the readers here at Alt-Market first.

A synopsis of the story:

It is a Horror/Action/Thriller – The movie ‘Taken’ meets HP Lovecraft and the Evil Dead series.

A small rural town is suffering from a series of child disappearances and bizarre events. The community is in slow decay and town officials are doing nothing to help. Little does the community know these disappearances are connected to a much larger cosmic conspiracy involving an inhuman threat. It’s up to a survivalist with a mysterious past to uncover the plot and even climb into the depths of hell to stop it.

I need an artist with experience in the horror genre who can draft one cover page and at least two regular pages as examples I can use for a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I will pay by the page and the rate will be very fair, but I will need high quality work to kick this thing off. If the crowdfunding is a success, then I will continue to need an artist for at least 120 pages of work. If interested, please contact me at:

[email protected]


Brandon Smith

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