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Students for Liberty Is Aiding Georgia Protests

Don’t be fooled, college students. While Students for Liberty describes itself as a “classical liberal” organization with libertarian members, it is not an organization that promotes nonintervention abroad.

In December of 2021, I wrote about leaders of Students for Liberty promoting tweaking United States sanctions on Venezuela to make the sanctions more effective in bringing about change they desire in Venezuela instead of just following the noninterventionist path of eliminating the sanctions. Now, Students for Liberty is talking up its intervening in the country of Georgia through protests against that nation’s government. The organization states the following in its web page devoted to procuring donations to help it advance its Georgia-related mission:

In the midst of this chaos, Students For Liberty Local Coordinators, alumni and staff are stepping up to organize protests, protect those unlawfully detained, and care for the injured. They’re putting their own lives on the line to defend liberty – some have already been assaulted and arrested.Would you join our efforts to protect the sovereignty of the Georgian people today? All the funding will go to support the protestors on the front lines.

For some background information about these protests in Georgia that seem in line with previous United States government-backed “color revolutions,” read Brad Pearce’s article “The South Caucasus at a Crossroads” posted on Tuesday at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s website.