Which Countries are Buying Russian Fossil Fuels?

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The Countries Buying Russian Fossil Fuels Since the Invasion

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A year on from Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine, Russian fossil fuel exports are still flowing to various nations around the world.

‘Coffee And A Mike’ Podcast Interview With Brandon Smith

I was recently invited to a discussion with Michael Farris of the ‘Coffee And A Mike’ podcast.  We covered a host of ongoing geopolitical and economic issues and I had a great time.  Here is the link to Mike’s Spotify channel where you can listed to the full interview.


Leave your thoughts below in the comments on the state of global affairs and where YOU think we might be headed.


Visualized: 40 Years of U.S. Automobile Recalls

Visualized: 40 Years of Automobile Recalls in the U.S.

In early February 2023, Honda issued a “Do Not Drive” warning for around 8,200 older cars equipped with the infamous Takata airbags.

These faulty airbags, installed by 19 different automakers including BMW and Toyota from 2002 to 2015, can explode when deployed and have led to numerous tragic accidents. Their recall affected 67 million airbags (including Honda’s vehicles above) and has been known as the largest safety recall in U.S. history.


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