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Visualizing the Relationship Between Cancer and Lifespan

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Report: Millions Of Cancer Deaths Expected From Fukushima

Millions of Japanese citizens could be at risk of dying from cancer as a result of the increasing amount of radiation pouring out of Fukushima.  According to a shocking report originally published by Fairewinds Energy Eduction (FEE), “Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan,” one million citizens in Japan were thought to be at risk of developing thyroid cancers as a result of the meltdown. That report based its conclusions on the the fact that scientists had understood the radiation levels at the reactor to be around 73 sieverts per hour.

The Amish Don’t Vaccinate, Rarely Get Autism, Cancer Or Heart Disease

The Amish lead a healthy lifestyle and are immune to modern diseases. Is it a coincidence that they rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease? A good diet, physical and mental exercise and rest is all that is needed for the Amish to survive, as well as righteousness of course. If you inject or adsorb poisons into your body then it spells doom for the body and its host. The Amish lead a simple life and do not get autism because they simply don’t vaccinate their children or have mercury fillings in their teeth.

Bombshell Government Study Confirms Cellphone-Cancer Link

One of the biggest ever studies on cellphone radiation has conclusively found that mobile phones do cause cancer, ending the long-running debate on the dangers of cellphones.  The peer-reviewed study, by the National Toxicology Program, found that rats who were exposed to cellphone frequencies got two types of brain tumors as a result. Partial findings from the study, released on Thursday, warned that the results will likely have a huge effect on public health.