About Oklahoma Voters Rejecting the Recreational Marijuana Legalization Initiative

In a Tuesday statewide Oklahoma election, State Question 820 that would have legalized recreational marijuana in Oklahoma was rejected when 62 percent of votes were cast against it. Why did this initiative fail, and fail by such a large margin, when recreational marijuana legalization has been approved by voters in many other states? One reason for the big “no” vote on the ballot measure may be found in the fact that it was voted on during a special election with very low voter turnout.

Ranked: The World’s Most Valuable Bank Brands (2019-2023)

The World’s Most Valuable Bank Brands (2019-2023)

Since 2019, Chinese banks have held the top four spots on Brand Finance’s Banking 500—an annual ranking of the most valuable bank brands.

Brand value in this context is a measure of the “value of the trade mark and associated marketing IP within the branded business”. In other words, it measures the value of intangible marketing assets, and not the overall worth of the business itself.


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