US Has Secret, "Non-Negotiable" Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims

US Has Secret, "Non-Negotiable" Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims

“For every seven Shiites killed, we want seven Sunnis [killed] in their place.”

That rather alarming declaration comes from outspoken Iraqi lawmaker Hanan Al-Fatlawi. Not known for holding her tongue, the Shia MP inflamed sectarian tensions with her eye for an eye tirade in the summer of 2014, prompting Diana Moukalled, the Web Editor at the Lebanon-based Future Television to pen the following sharp rebuke: 

Cheap Oil's First US Casualty: Alaska Forced To Tax Personal Income For First Time In 35 Years

With sadly ironic timing, we noted just last week that the blowback from "unequivocally good" low oil prices was set to cross the border from an increasingly suicidal Canada, and so, as AP reports, it appears Alaska is facing the toughest of times. As oil prices make new cycle lows, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker has called for the state's first income tax in 35 years in order to close a $3.5-billion-dollar deficit the state is carrying.

Trumpet Trump the Puppet

Trump's rise and continued dominance are linked with media coverage, which he devotedly encourages with further celebratory antagonism, bigotry, and hate speech. But as a media clown he is still just a puppet of the GOP plan.

Trump's Ban on Muslims Reflects Ignorance Toward Immigration Process

Knowledge, not knee-jerk reactionism, should guide immigration policy. And xenophobia has no place in America. No place.

How America's Middle Class Lost The War In One Simple Animation

Over six years ago this website made a simple prediction: as a result of the Fed's disastrous policies designed to make the rich richer beyond their wildest dreams, the US middle class - the growth dynamo behind America's economic power for over a century - is on its way to extinction.


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