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Scott Ritter Shows Banned from YouTube Will Continue at Rumble

On Friday, the shows of Scott Ritter were booted from YouTube. Ritter had been in the shows communicating regarding the Ukraine War in a manner at odds with the narrative pushed by the United States government and big money media. In a Friday post relating this development, I concluded by stating “Hopefully, YouTube’s censorship is just a bump in the road and soon Ritter can be sharing his ideas as well as or even better than before.” It is too soon to know if that hope will be fulfilled as it is a big blow to be deplatformed from one of the most visited social media websites.

12 Different Ways to Organize the Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Tables You’ve Never Seen Before

The Periodic Table of Elements is an iconic image in classrooms and laboratories all around the world.

Yet despite having an almost unanimous agreement amongst scientists on its composition, there are over 1,000 different periodic tables—and that number continues to grow. This is because the standard table does not highlight all of the existing relationships between the elements.

YouTube Deplatforms Shows of Scott Ritter, Prominent Critic of US Activities in Ukraine War

Scott Ritter has been a go-to source for information about what has really been happening in the Ukraine War, instead of the spin from the big money media and United States government officials. He has also been a very vocal critic of US government support for the Ukraine government throughout the war. Thus, it is sadly not a surprise that on Friday Google-owned YouTube deplatformed two shows through which Ritter has been sharing his views. YouTube is no friend of people who challenge US foreign intervention.