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Get Months Of Wild Bunch Survival Info In A Single Collection!

The Wild Bunch Dispatch just published its 75th issue and it’s hard to believe we are already getting so close to Issue #100. If you have any interest in REAL preparedness discussions which account for the REAL threats we will be facing in the future, you will want to check out this newsletter. We don’t pull punches here and no prepping topic is taboo. But what if you are new to Alt-Market and you have missed a lot of the back issues?

Each issue has its own unique information and ideas for survival, home defense, community building and examinations of potential dangers from increasing crime, looting, refugees, government totalitarianism and foreign invasion. I don’t repeat information very often, so if you missed an issue you might not get to see those ideas in later issues. But that’s okay, because I’ve put together multiple back issues into two separate volumes of the Wild Bunch, and both of them contain hundreds of pages of valuable prepping knowledge and in-depth discussions.

Here’s a list of all the issues you might have missed that are a part of The Wild Bunch Dispatch Volumes 1 and 2:

Wild Bunch Volume 1

Issue #1 – Why We Fight: The Surveillance State And The Isolation Of The Masses

Issue #2 – The Malaysian Model And Biometric Cities – How The Elites Plan To Control The Populace Post-Collapse

Issue #3 – Collapse Conditions In America – What Our Country Will Look Like Over The Next 5-10 Years

Issue #4 – Technocratic Methods For Preventing Rebellion – Causing Populations To Give Up Without A Fight

Issue #5 – How People And Governments Will React During An Economic Crash

Issue #6 – A New Civil War In America – What Would It Really Look Like?

Issue #7 – Insurgents And Underdogs – Battles They Won

Issue #8 – Insurgents And Underdogs – Battles They Lost

Issue #9 – The Weapons American Freedom Fighters Might Face – And How To Defeat Them

Issue #10 – What Will The World Look Like If The Globalists Win?

Issue #11 – How To Organize For Survival Before And After Collapse

Issue #12 – The Gear You’ll Need For The Absolute Worst Situations

Issue #13 – The Most Dangerous Globalist Institutions And The People Behind Them

Issue #14 – How To Prepare For A Winter Economic Crash

Issue #15 – What Are The Biggest Survival Threats In Your Region Of The US?

Issue #16 – What Are The Biggest Survival Threats In Your Region Of The US? PART 2

Issue #17 – Urban Survival During A Grid Down Scenario

Issue #18 – The Latest Drone Technology And How To Counter It

Issue #19 – How To Survive In A Post-Collapse Economy

Issue #20 – Gun Confiscation By Government And How To Counter It

Issue #21 – Fighting Tactics Governments Don’t Want You To Know About


Wild Bunch Volume 2

Issue #22: How To Prepare For A Global Pandemic

Issue #23: The Invisible Castle – Setting Up Defenses For Your Neighborhood OrTown

Issue#24: Global Supply Chain Collapse – Preps You Should Stockpile Right Now

Issue #25: Economic Collapse: Top Ten Threats In The First Six Months

Issue #26: Martial Law And Medical Tyranny – How Should Liberty ActivistsRespond?

Issue #27: Organizing A Barter Network During A Pandemic

Issue #28: Organizing Security During A Collapse

Issue #29: Food Shortages Are Coming – Here Is What You Should Expect

Issue #30: How To Defend Yourself From Forced Vaccination Programs

Issue #31: How To Defend Against Crowds, Mobs And Mass Looting

Issue #32: Collapse And Defense In Urban Environments

Issue #33: Chinese Invasion Of The US – A Hypothetical Study

Issue #34: What To Do If You Plan To Relocate During The Collapse

Issue #35: The Best Clothing For A Post Collapse World

Issue #36: Tips And Tricks For Tactical Comms During Collapse

Issue #37: Medical Preparedness During Societal Breakdown

Issue #38: The Stages Of Medical Tyranny And How To Fight Against Them

Issue #39: Hunting And Wilderness Survival During Collapse

Issue #40: What Will Happen After The 2020 Election?

Issue #41: How To Start Building A Small Survival Homestead


For those that are interested in getting PDF copies of Volume 1 (Issues 1-21) or Volume 2 (Issues 22-41), they can be purchased for $40 each by visiting the Donation/Purchase page HERE. Please be sure to specify in the notes which volumes you want sent to you.

If you prefer to make a purchase by regular mail, you can send a check/money order made out to Brandon Smith to the following address. Please be sure to include the email you want the issues sent to:

421 US Highway 93N

Suite 209

Eureka, MT, 59917

For more information on how to get the latest issues of The Wild Bunch Dispatch, you can view the Newsletter Info Page HERE.

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