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Mexican Cartel Spotted With US Anti-Tank Weapons On The Texas Border!

A Mexican television news station has reported that a Mexican cartel operating near the Texas border has been spotted with US or Norwegian anti-tank missiles of the kind being sent to Ukraine by the boatload. Is Washington's insane Ukraine policy coming home to roost? Also today: The Taliban use US weapons in border skirmish with Iran - what could go wrong? Don't miss today's Liberty Report:

Map Explainer: Sudan

Map Explainer: Sudan

The African nation of Sudan has been in the headlines, as intense fighting has rocked the country. As this bloody power struggle plays out, the map infographic above aims to provides key information on the conflict, as well as general facts and context about the country.

To begin, what exactly is happening in Sudan?

The 2023 Conflict in Sudan: A Primer

Republican Congress Members and Presidential Candidates Pushing for War in Mexico

Back in September of 2018, I criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s suggestion that the United States military invade Mexico if Mexico legalizes heroin. Now, several Republican Congress members are using fentanyl fears as a new drug war basis for urging US military action south of the border. Politico writer Alexander Ward provided details in a Monday article. The article begins with the following: