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Meet The "Professional Agitator" Who Was Beaten At Yesterday's Trump Rally: "I Was Protesting Trump’s Fascism"

Meet The "Professional Agitator" Who Was Beaten At Yesterday's Trump Rally: "I Was Protesting Trump’s Fascism"

As reported last night, something surreal happened at Trump's Saturday rally in Arizona: a man who, as part of a group that had donned KKK attire and was occasionally giving out Nazi salutes in attempts to mock and provoke Trump supporters, did just that when he was punched and kicked by none other than a black man while being escorted out of the building. The moment was captured on the photo below which will surely become part of the 2016 presidential race archive.


Who is the protester?

Soros Floods Democrats With Millions, Warns Trump Of "Consequences"

Following's "success" last Friday, George Soros is back on the lips of an increasing number of Americans as Bloomberg reports, the liberal billionaire, whose effort to unseat President George W. Bush in 2004 shattered political spending records, is returning to big-ticket activism after an 11-year hiatus. Soros has spent or committed more than $13 million to support Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this election cycle and has warned Donald Trump (and Ted Cruz) of "consequences" for their words and actions. Welcome to the Oligarchy.

For The First Time, National Support For Trump Rises Above 50%

With Trump preparing to steamroll the competition in today's all important primaries, where a victory in Florida is now all but assured and only a Kasich challenge in Ohio can potentially spoil the day for the Donald - if Trump wins Florida and Ohio, it's over - earlier today he got some more good news to propell him even further.

The Differences Between Kasich and Rubio

The Ohio and Florida primaries are tomorrow, but the prospects of the respective “favorite sons” in these states couldn’t be more different. According to the most recent NBC and CBS News polls, Kasich is either leading by several points or tied with Trump for the lead in Ohio, while Rubio trails Trump by more than twenty points in Florida and in the CBS poll even falls behind Cruz into third place at 21%.

Overriding Republican Voters Would Be a Serious Mistake

Ross Douthat defends stopping a Trump nomination no matter the cost:

Trump would be no exception: Denying him the nomination would indeed be an ugly exercise, one that would weaken or crush the party’s general election chances, and leave the G.O.P. with a long hard climb back up to unity and health.


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