Republican primary

What I’m Hoping For Out Of New Hampshire

Cards on the table: I’m not going to be supporting the Republican nominee in November.

How to Win a Presidential Primary

With Iowa in the rearview mirror, New Hampshire dead ahead, and miles and miles of nominating contests to go, the Brookings Institution’s Elaine Kamarck has performed a valuable service by getting into the weeds, describing the mechanics of how America picks its presidential nominees, and explaining how we got here. Primary Politics leads the reader to conclude that process is policy.

How Cruz Won

There are some interesting details to be found in the Iowa exit polls, though many of them aren’t all that surprising. The CBS exit poll showed that Cruz won thanks to his large advantage with self-described conservatives, especially the “very conservative” voters that make up the bulk of his support everywhere.

The Woes of the GOP “Establishment”

Matt Purple looks ahead to the rest of the February contests and concludes that Trump is still the favorite to win:

Trump leads in New Hampshire, the moderate state. He leads in South Carolina, the establishment state. He leads in Nevada, the libertarian state. His margins in those places are not narrow.


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