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I Was Wrong About Trump

Last July I wrote that Donald Trump was merely a “blip,” a novelty candidate who couldn’t do much better than 17 percent in the polls. He would swiftly go the way of Herman Cain.

In August, I still didn’t believe the Trump hype. The 2016 race, I predicted, would see an early surge for a religious right candidate, followed by the inevitable nomination of the establishment favorite, probably Jeb Bush. After the Iowa caucuses, I was sure my scenario was playing out, only with Rubio in place Bush.

Why Ryan Isn’t Attacking Trump

Peter Suderman comments on Paul Ryan’s underwhelming speech on American politics:

The framing of the announcement raised expectations that Ryan, who has made several speeches indirectly criticizing Trumpish behavior but has also indicated that he would back the candidate if he became the party’s presidential nominee, might finally address Trump directly. Which, of course, would be a big deal given that Ryan is, in addition to being the Speaker of the House, arguably the institutional voice of the party right now, its chief spokesperson and visionary.

Trump’s Republican Support Continues to Grow

Rod Dreher points to the findings in the latest NYT/CBS News poll, noting that Trump is tightening his hold on the GOP. 46% support Trump nationally, which is equal to the support for the other two candidates put together. Compared to last month’s survey, Trump has gained 11 points and expanded his lead over Cruz to 20. (A combined 72% of Republican primary voters support candidates loathed by the party leadership.) Trump’s support has continued to grow, which was always likely to happen as he won more contests and more candidates dropped out.

It’s Trump’s Party

Terrible news for the GOP establishment out of the CBS News/New York Times poll. Donald Trump is solidifying his hold on the party.

Forty-six percent of primary voters said they would like to see Mr. Trump as the party’s nominee, more than at any point since he declared his candidacy in June. Twenty-six percent favored Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and 20 percent backed Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

Fully three-quarters of Republican primary voters expect Mr. Trump to be their party’s nominee.

Mystery Billionaire Members Of "Stop Trump" Campaign Revealed

Mystery Billionaire Members Of "Stop Trump" Campaign Revealed

Earlier this month in “GOP Leaders, Tech Execs Plot Against Trump At Secret NeoCon Island Meeting,” we discussed the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum, an event held on Sea Island, Georgia.

It’s a notoriously secretive affair and is off limits to the press. “We can’t even get a snow update,” Bloomberg joked last year.


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