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More U.S. Tech Companies are Adopting Unequal Dual-Class Voting Structures

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Mapped: The Ancient Seven Wonders of the World

The Ancient Seven Wonders of the World

From skyscrapers that defy gravity to tunnels below the sea, mankind’s civil engineering feats are all around us.

The complexity of older structures like the Great Wall of China, Chichén Itzá, and the Taj Mahal continue to captivate and fascinate visitors today, but it’s worth noting that “wonders” such as these are not a modern concept.

Ranking U.S. States with the Best Internet Value

Internet access has increased over the years, but both internet speed and affordability can vary considerably around the world, and even within the U.S. itself.

This interactive data visualization by Surfshark examines which states have the best internet value on average, and which have the worst. It uses data compiled for the company’s 2022 Internet Value Index.

Calculating Value

How do you measure the “best” internet value?