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New York

Bloomberg Drops Out and Endorses Biden After Only Winning American Samoa

March 5, 2020 - 3:16am

Super Tuesday marked the first time former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared on a Democratic primary ballot and his last night in the campaign.
Bloomberg announced that he would suspend his campaign on Wednesday after he failed to finish in the top two in any state on Tuesday. The billionaire former Republican endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, who reemerged as the frontrunner after piling up wins across the country.

Thousands Are Taking the Streets to Protest Suspension of Dominican Elections

February 29, 2020 - 4:27am

Thousands in the Dominican Republic took to the streets of the capital Santo Domingo Thursday to protest the abrupt suspension of local elections earlier this month and to commemorate the country’s Independence Day. Protests have been ongoing since February 16, after the government suspended the municipal elections four hours after voting began, alleging there were “technical glitches” in the electronic ballot machines used.

Billionaire Family Behind Opioid Crisis Turned to Bloomberg for PR Help

February 29, 2020 - 3:46am

Long celebrated as civic-minded philanthropists, the Sacklers were becoming pariahs. The billionaire family whose company created and pushed the addictive painkiller OxyContin had managed to escape connection with the opioid crisis for years, but now two magazine pieces were portraying them as pain profiteers. Museums that had sought their donations were being asked about giving the money back. Mortimer D.A.

Five Lessons From the History of Public Sector Unions

September 3, 2018 - 11:42pm

As public sector unions contemplate losing key rights under the law, it’s worth remembering that for much of their history, such unions organized with no rights at all.
It wasn’t till 1958 that New York became the first city to authorize collective bargaining for city employees. Wisconsin did the same for state employees in 1959, and federal workers got bargaining rights in 1962.