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The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

In my last article, I outlined the deliberately engineered trend toward the forced “harmonization” of national economies and monetary policies, as well as the ultimate end goal of globalists: a single world currency system controlled by the International Monetary Fund and, by extension, global governance, which internationalists sometimes refer to in their more honest public moments as the “new world order.”

Amid Commodity Collapse, World's Most Resource-Driven Economy Posts Greatest Jobs Gain In 15 Years

When Australia released its October jobs data a month ago (printing an astonishing 58k increase - almost 6 times expectations of a 10k increase), the media threw up all over the farce of the best jobs gain in 3 years (amid commodity price collapses, mining industry bankruptcy fears, and China trade implosions) saying simply "don't believe the jobs figure for October." So we cannot wait to see what the men from downunder make of November's print.

Mark Zuckerberg Storms Into The Trump 'Muslim Ban' Scandal, Tells Muslims "You Are Always Welcome Here"

Moments ago, the latest high profile media figure to boldly go into the rapidly spreading Trump "ban Muslims" scandal, was none other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who in a post on his social network, took the other side of Trump declaring that "Muslims are always welcome here" and that Facebook will "fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you." It was not immediately clear if the "community" he was welcoming Muslims to is the United States or the online world of Facebook ad clickers.